-=Deicated to the Master=-

-=Dedicated to the Master=-

All photos and gifs are scanned/made by me, culled from my personal library. Why Truffaut? In my opinion he did not make one bad film. My obsession with Truffaut began with his masterpiece La Chambre verte. It was an old VHS rented from my local library. It had a huge impact on me, but life happened... years went by and one day I remembered about that strange film about death. I found a copy online and I began obsessively reading about Truffaut and watching his films. What a wonderful artist he was. All his films connected, like a perfect, harmonious melody. In order to understand his greatness - you must watch his first film to his last. This blog is my simple tribute to one of my favorite artists.

6 Feb 2017

I recently moved and I've yet to unpack my scanner so - this is a photo of a photo.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Truffaut!